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Simplifying life with a brilliant solution

Having the freedom to do and go wherever you like, without having the restrictions associated with hearing loss, is important to living a fulfilled life. This is our key focus when creating the new platforms for Phonak hearing aids.

Phonak's aim is to create hearing aids that automatically and effortlessly simplify your life while providing you with an exceptional hearing experience, everywhere, every time!

Phonak Paradise Hearing Aid

Phonak has introduced a successor to its previous model, the Marvel. It's called the Paradise and uses a new digital processor called the Prism (which stands for Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management). This processor doubles the memory and gives you more connectivity with other devices. The PRISM chip uses the new software called AutoSense 4.0. The AutoSense 4.0 has some new features that have been added from the previous operating system ... [ more ]

Phonak Audéo B-R Hearing Aid

Phonak has introduced a new rechargeable hearing aid to the market called the Audeo B-R. The B-R comes in the same technology levels as the Audeo B, from the basic B-R 50 to the premium B-R 90. [ more ]

Phonak Audéo V Hearing Aid

Phonak Audéo V delivers great sound quality and performance where it matters most, in the most difficult listening situations. It is designed for discretion and wearing comfort. [ more ]

Phonak Naída V Hearing Aid

The new power aid available from Phonak is the Naída V. The Naída line of hearing aids is designed to fit those with severe to profound hearing loss. [ more ]

Phonak Virto V Hearing Aid

The Virto V range of custom made products vary from small to invisible, suiting your individual lifestyle and hearing needs. [ more ]

Phonak CROS and BiCROS - One-Sided Hearing Loss Solutions

Phonak CROS can be a satisfying solution for you if you have hearing in one ear only, regardless of whether you have a hearing loss in this ear or not. [ more ]

Phonak Wireless Hearing Aid Accessories

The useful add-ons in Phonak's Wireless Communication Portfolio link to your hearing aids to help you hear more in challenging situations, such as when you’re on the phone, watching TV or in a noisy place. [ more ]

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