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Phonak CROS and BiCROS - One-Sided Hearing Loss Solutions

Sometimes a person has only one ear they can use. In those cases, a CROS or BiCROS is used.


Used when your better ear hears normally.

CROS (for Contralateral Routing of Signal) is for those who have normal or near-normal hearing in one hear and an unaidable ear on the opposite side. The side with normal hearing would wear a RITE (Receiver-In-The-Ear) hearing aid. The RITE allows normal hearing to come into the ear as before. The other ear would transmit the sound from the poorer hearing side to the normal ear. This way if someone is talking on the side with the unaidable ear, the speech is transmitted to the good ear. With CROS, the person hearing doesn't have to turn their head to hear a speaker on the poorer hearing side.


Used when you have a hearing loss in your better ear.

BiCROS is like CROS, but is used when there is a hearing loss that can be corrected in one ear, and the other ear is unaidable. The ear that can be helped can be fit either with a custom made product such as a canal aid or In-The-Ear aid or a RITE. The ear that has the transmitter sends speech information to the aidable ear so, like the CROS, the speech information on the unaidable side can be heard.

Few Dann Hearing customers need this type of device, but those who have tried it find it works well.

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