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Custom Molds & Plugs

Swim Molds

Dann Hearing Center makes custom swim molds for those who don’t want to get water in their ears. The swim molds come in a variety of colors and float (certainly helpful if they accidentally come out of your ear when you’re in the water!).

If you need custom made swim molds, we can make the impressions of your ears and order a set for you.

Noise Plugs

Besides swim molds, we custom fit earplugs for noise reduction. Sometimes, especially if you’re firing a gun for target practice or hunting, the earplugs will reduce the sound up to about 28 decibels (depending on what material is used).

They are also useful for the spouse or significant other who doesn't want to hear snoring all the time from their partner.

Additionally, there are more elaborate electronic devices that are available. These are like hearing aids in that they let you hear what is around you.

Usually used by hunters, this device allows you to hear the sounds around you, but when the gun is fired, the sound is electronically compressed to avoid excessive levels of sound. The model we use at the Dann Hearing Center is called the Soundscope from Starkey Labs.

Musicians Earplugs

These are fitted to the individual and have two different filters to lower the volume level but not change the frequency response. This way the musician gets a clear, but softer, sound.

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