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Phonak Audéo B-R Hearing Aid

Phonak has introduced a new rechargeable hearing aid to the market (the other one that was available was from Signia Hearing).

The rechargeable aid is the Audeo B-R. The B-R comes in the same technology levels as the Audeo B. from the basic B-R 50 to the premium B-R 90.

The Audeo B-R uses a lithium ion battery that will give you 24 hours of hearing ability and 80 minutes of streaming time after a 3 hour charge. Streaming is when you have your hearing aids paired to your phone or other devices, such as an I-pad. This lets you receive phone calls or stream music or tv shows from your mobile device. As a consequence more battery life is used so there is a shorter period of use when streaming as compared to using the aids normally.

The aids are put into into a charger overnight. It takes about 3 hours of charging to have ithe aid useable for 24 hours. When the aids are charged up just take them out, push the button on the aid, and put them in your ears. It’s that easy. No more changing batteries and wondering when the battery will go dead.

The charger also has a drying agent to keep moisture from building up in the aids. Moisture in aids can cause them to get weak or dead, which certainly isn’t helpful.

There is a good comparison of the features of the Audeo B and B-R on the Phonak website: Or you could also call us at (203) 866-3838 if you have any questions.

Another line of Phonak hearing instruments is the Venture. The Venture comes in several different models like the Belong aids, but you can also get custom made products.

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