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Phonak Naída V Hearing Aid

The new power aid available from Phonak is the Naída™ V. This, like the other Phonak products available, uses the new Venture processor. The Naída line of hearing aids is designed to fit those with severe to profound hearing loss. For this reason, the Naída only comes in a Behind-the-Ear style. The options in the Naída include the Receiver-in-the-Ear (RITE) and the standard Behind-the-Ear (BTE) style.

The RITE uses a thin wire that attaches to the hearing aid behind the ear. The wire goes from the aid into the ear. A power receiver fits into a custom earmold and that earmold fits into the ear canal. What’s nice about the RITE is that it is practically invisible when worn.

The standard BTE fits behind the ear but the aid is attached to a tubing through which the sound gets into the ear. The tubing is attached to a custom mold that fits into the ear. This type of aid is used when we can’t get the power we need with a RITE.

The new features of the Naída V 90 (the premium model) include:

SoundRecover 2: The idea of SoundRecover 2 is to shift the higher frequencies (where the understanding of speech is) to the mid range. This sometimes helps when there is no way to aid those high frequencies. This tends to happen more often with those with severe to profound losses. The new SoundRecover 2 improves on this method of frequency shifting so that the “frequency range of audible sounds is increased and sound quality preserved” according to Phonak.

Broadband Booster: This gives increased audibility without distortion in the mid and lower frequencies. The new xUP receiver gives up to 6 db more gain and output for better sound quality.

Speech in Loud Noise: when you are in a noisy environment the aid will zoom in on a single voice, making it easier to understand their speech.

Speech in Car: If you have a hearing loss, especially a severe to profound one, it is difficult understanding speech in the car. This feature, according to Phonak, “reduces broadband noise to create a stable listening environment for easy communication and reduced effort”.

These are just a few of the features in the Premium level Naída V 90. There are other, less elaborate models, such as the V 70 (the midlevel) and V 50 (the basic), which have fewer “bells and whistles”. However, that doesn’t mean the mid-level and basic models are much less effective. Most of our clients do fine with the V70 and V50 and feel it works well in most listening situations. If you would like a more complete comparison of the aids and what they do just go to and look at the Naída V hearing aid.

Connect & Communicate

Phonak Naída V can be easily connected to all the interactive communication and media devices via the Phonak wireless communication portfolio.

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