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Teens Showing Signs of Hearing Loss

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Ears: They're Smarter Than You Think

Ears allow us to hear beautiful sounds like opera music or birds singing but some of us also struggle with issues such as tinnitus, noise-induced hearing loss and presbycusis. The ear is one of the most complex organs in the human body and has some remarkable built-in defense mechanisms. [ more ]

The Best Apps for Phone Captioning

Even if you wear hearing aids, you might want to hear a little better when you talk on the phone, are watching a movie or eating at your favorite – albeit noisy – restaurant.  Fortunately, if you have a smart phone or similar personal electronic device, help is only an app away. [ more ]

More Teens Showing Potential Signs of Hearing Loss

According to a recent study commissioned by Siemens Hearing Instruments, Piscataway, NJ, teen hearing loss may be on the rise, with 1 in 6 teens showing hearing loss symptoms often or all of the time and nearly 9 in 10 engaged in activities that could place them at risk for hearing loss. [ more ]

Localization 101: Hearing Aid Factors in Localization

Localization is the ability to tell the direction of a sound source in a 3-D space. The ability to localize sounds provides a more natural and comfortable listening experience. It is also important for safety reasons such as to avoid oncoming traffic, an approaching cyclist on a running path, or a falling object. [ more ]

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