Pre-Retirement and Your Hearing Health

by Debbie Clason for Healthy Hearing

June 26, 2018 - One day you’re proudly depositing your first paycheck and seemingly the next you’re ready to begin drawing Social Security. No worries. You're planning for retirement -- saving enough to pay for living expenses, medical expenses and a little fun, right? Is hearing health on your radar? Here are a few simple things you can do right now that will keep you hearing your best well into your retirement.

Protect your hearing now

If we’re lucky, we’ll live long enough to experience age-related hearing loss, also known as presbycusis. But what are we doing in the meantime to make sure that we’re hearing our best once we leave the workforce? Here are a few suggestions;

Set aside money for hearing aids

While you’re working, consider starting a pre-tax health savings account where you can begin banking pre-retirement dollars to help with healthcare costs. These accounts are available with your employers' high deductible insurance plans. Talk to a financial planner or your workplace benefits advisor to find out if this option is a fit for your needs. You may not need hearing aids for several years -- or at all! Still, it’s nice to know the money is there should your audiologist determine you could benefit from wearing them.

Be proactive

Protecting your hearing health now will most definitely pay you dividends in retirement. And, should you develop hearing loss, resolve to treat it sooner rather than later. Those who wait increase their risks of developing other medical issues such as:

Hopefully, you have a lot of fun things planned for retirement. Include a few hearing health and savings strategies before it's too late to make sure you’re hearing your best through it all.

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