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High Definition Hearing News:

New Hearing Aids? Here's What to Expect

So, you finally decided to get hearing aids. That's great! Congratulations on taking a big step towards improving your relationships, career and enjoyment of life. How will you know what to expect? [ more ]

Is There a Relationship Between BPPV and Meniere's Disease?

No. Although both disorders are associated with vertigo, they are not usually related. However, it is possible to have both disorders at the same time. [ more ]

The Farmers' Market: One Stop Shopping for Healthy Hearing

Your local farmer's market is overflowing with summer's bounty. But did you know that a trip to the farmers' market can benefit your hearing? [ more ]

The Hidden Healthcare Cost Behind Untreated Hearing Loss

Untreated hearing loss comes with a host of negative effects. From depression and deteriorating relationships with friends and family to reported lower quality of life, hearing loss casts a wide net. [ more ]

Ten Rules for Improving Family Communication

When you're a family member coping with the hearing loss of a loved one, you may encounter frustration, the feeling of being ignored, separation from the relationship and isolation from daily family life [ more ]

Hearing Loss Affects the Entire Family

"I cannot understand what you are saying when you speak to me from another room." The words floated up the stairs and stopped me in my tracks. [ more ]

How Long Do Hearing Aids Last?

While most modern high-quality hearing aids can be expected to last somewhere between three and seven years, two people can buy exactly the same hearing aid and have them last vastly different amounts of time. [ more ]

Foods That Boost Hearing: Be Mindful of Your Minerals

In the fight to keep your body healthy and functioning properly, minerals play an important role. Some minerals, like the ones listed below, are also critical elements in protecting our hearing health. [ more ]

My Mid-Career Hearing Loss (or, Mistakes I Made)

The vast majority of people with hearing loss in the workplace didn't start out that way. Their hearing loss probably came on gradually over a period of time, the result of noise exposure or aging. [ more ]

Getting Away from Hearing Loss; Just Watch for Rattlesnakes

How's this for a salad bar of communication strategies? Hearing aids, cochlear implants, speechreading skills, assistive listening devices, telecoils and looping, bluetooth... [ more ]

Exercise Your Ears: Apps and Games to Keep Hearing Sharp

Hearing loss is no joke, but there's no reason keeping your hearing healthy can't be fun. And while you don't have to buy a gym membership to exercise your ears, it is important to incorporate activities that keep your sense of hearing at its best. [ more ]

The Healthiest Resolutions for Your Ears in 2016

As hearing health advocates we want you to consider including specific hearing health resolutions on your list. The following habits are healthy for your ears no matter what time of year you decide to adopt them. [ more ]

Hearing Aid Disasters | How to Avoid Them and What to do if They Happen

You've finally made the appointment, accepted your hearing loss diagnosis and are comfortably wearing your hearing aids. Congratulations! You're doing everything right. But life happens, right? What happens if... [ more ]

The Hurdles to Getting Hearing Aids

At a chamber music concert in Woodstock, N.Y., Jane E. Brody noticed the hearing aids discreetly tucked behind the ears of the man sitting in front of her. Intrigued, she asked about them, knowing that, with tinnitus and diminished hearing in one ear, the day would come when she would need such a device. [ more ]

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