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At the Dann Hearing Center...

We strive to have a comprehensive array of services and products. We believe it is our level of service and commitment to giving you the best hearing possible that sets us apart from others in our profession.

Step 1 - Hearing Test
The first step to better hearing is a comprehensive hearing examination. This consists of a pure tone, speech discrimination, and bone conduction test. After these are done, we talk to you about your hearing options.

Step 2 - Hearing Aid Fitting and Evaluation
After the tests have been completed we will show you your test results and advise you as to what the best hearing aids are for you.

You can decide if you want to evaluate a hearing aid or two, depending on the outcome of the exam. If you want to try a hearing aid, we will order it for you to try.

We will call you for an appointment so that you can come in and we can fit you with the aid. You will then evaluate the hearing instrument in a variety of different listening situations over a 30 day period.

Step 3 - Fine Tuning
During the evaluation period you will come in so that we can fine-tune the hearing aid as necessary. After a month of use, if you are satisfied with the device we will test you while wearing the aid to determine what benefit you are receiving from the aid. When we are sure that you have the best hearing we can give you (while wearing the aid) you can purchase the aid. If it takes a little more than a month to get the aid the way you want it, we will do everything we can to achieve that goal. If you decide to return it there is a nominal fee for the fitting and the programming of the instrument.

Please feel free to Contact Us at (203) 866-3838 if you have any questions about how we can help you.

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