Working Remotely with Hearing Loss: Tips for Virtual Meetings

Contributed by Joy Victory, managing editor, Healthy Hearing
April 14, 2020

Telecommute, remote work, work-from-home: Whatever you call it, setting up a home office presents unique challenges when you've got hearing loss. Especially if it's something you're having to do unexpectedly, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic. You may not only be learning to adapt to new ways of working, you may find that technology isn't as adaptive as you would like. Add a heavy dose of stress and social isolation, and it can even feel overwhelming.

"If you're new to working virtually, you may not think about things like setting your microphone to mute when you're not speaking, but tips like these are really helpful," said Mandy Mroz, AuD, president of Healthy Hearing. "My number one tip to help remote workers with hearing loss is to make sure everyone on the team has a headset with a microphone. This improves the sound quality for all listeners."

To help you—and to help inform coworkers who don't have hearing loss—the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has put together a list of tips and this video, which we have adapted into the infographic on the right

How to make virtual meetings easier to hear

Virtual meetings when you have hearing loss

The impact of hearing loss on communication

Many common communication problems can be improved if a person wears properly adjusted hearing aids. If you or a loved one needs a hearing test, you can find can find trusted hearing specialists and audiologists near you with our directory. Keep in mind that many have adjusted their hours or availability during the coronavirus pandemic.


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