Using Hearing Aids to Your Advantage During the Holidays

by Debbie Clason for Healthy Hearing

December 10, 2018 - The holiday season is so short, sometimes it seems to fly by faster than Santa’s sleigh. Since this time of year is traditionally spent with friends and loved ones, why miss a minute of the sounds you love most? When you take full advantage of your hearing aid capabilities, you can enjoy the festivities to their fullest.

Before the holidays

As a hearing aid user, you likely schedule regular check-ups with your hearing healthcare professional. That’s especially important this time of year to make sure your hearing devices are clean and working properly. At your next appointment be sure to ask about:

You can also prepare for holiday fun by wearing your hearing aids daily around the house. Since hearing is a brain function, the more often you wear your hearing devices, the more practice your brain has translating the signals it’s receiving from the hair cells in the inner ear. This is especially important if you’ve just begun wearing hearing devices after a long period of untreated hearing loss, as there may be some sounds your brain has forgotten how to translate.

Here are some other tips for getting ready before the holidays:

At holiday parties

If your hearing loss prevents you from hearing well when you’re in a noisy situation, be prepared when you attend the office party or a friend’s holiday party.

During holiday performances

Whether the production is Broadway quality or performed by your favorite little Scrooge, be prepared to hear your best.

After the holidays

Take a moment to evaluate. Did your hearing devices meet your expectations? If not, make a list of what needs adjusting so you can discuss it at your next regularly scheduled appointment. Ask your hearing healthcare professional to make a note of these adjustments in your file so you’ll be even more prepared to greet the next holiday season.

If you’re not hearing as well as you used to, make an appointment with a hearing healthcare professional to find out why. Let healthy hearing be the gift you give yourself this holiday season!

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