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Sound so clear and natural you may forget you're wearing hearing aids!

Signia (formerly known as Siemens) has released a new hearing instrument called the Nx. The Nx has some new developments over Signia’s previous aids, such as:

OVP: This is what Signia calls Own Voice Processing. One of the problems with wearing a hearing aid is that sometimes a person’s own voice will sound strange. This difficulty has been improved with the use of Receiver-in-the-Ear (or RITE) aids. The RITE aids are small devices that have a wire attached to the device, at the end of which is a receiver (speaker). This style of aid lets the ear remain open so that, usually, a person’s voice won’t bother them. Sometimes it still is a problem, and this is where the OVP comes in.

The new Nx aids process external speech and the hearing aid wearer’s voice independently. According to Signia, OVP solves this issue” by using its Ultra HD e2e (which stands for ear to ear) binaural link to enable scanning and processing of the wearer’s own voice completely independently from other sounds. As a result, the wearer’s own voice and everything in the environment sound exactly as nature intended.”

In fact, according to a study, an improvement of 75% in satisfaction occurred when using OVP with patients who had previously been unhappy with their voice when wearing their hearing aids.

In addition, the new NX aids have the following features:

  • Longest wearing time while streaming with Bluetooth (with the 13Nx model)
  • Telecare 3.0: The latest version of Telecare. After coming in for the first fitting by the hearing care professional, the patient can have their hearing aids remotely fine-tuned by their hearing care provider. The patient needs the MyHearing app on their Android or iPhone. After that, they can contact the hearing care professional to schedule an appointment to make adjustments. This saves the patient time and is usually more convenient than coming in to the office. For more details about Telecare, just go to
  • My Control App: This app lets you adjust certain aspects of your aids. You can adjust volume, some frequencies, flight mode, power on mode and other things. You can also focus the microphones in 360 degrees. In other words, in front, back or to the side of you, etc. For example, if you are driving a car and want to hear the conversation behind you, you can set the aids to pick up speech more in the back than the front.
  • Ultra Hd e2e processing: When you wear two Nx aids of the same model, they will communicate with each other to make the best adjustments to speech in different environments. The e2e (for ear to ear) connection has been improved to better work with Bluetooth streaming directly to the iPhone. If you have an Android phone, you can use an accessory to stream calls and music from your phone.

There are three different models of the Nx:

  • 312 Nx: This is the smallest, most discreet version of the Nx line of hearing instruments. All the features of the Nx, OVP, Bluetooth connectivity, Ultra HD, e2e, TeleCare, etc. are available in this aid. Like the other Nx models, it is only available in the RITE (Receiver in the Ear) style.
  • Pure 13 Nx: This aid has the longest Bluetooth streaming time available. It has all the features available as the 312 Nx, but can fit a wider variety of hearing losses, from mild to profound.
  • Motion 13 Nx: This has the same features as the aids above, but adds a T-coil to the aid. The T-coil is used to hear better on a regular desktop phone. It can also be used for places, such as theaters, that have loop systems. With a loop system you would activate the T-coil on the aids and then be able to hear the actors on the stage or perhaps a lecture. The speech is delivered from the person wearing the mike on stage directly to the hearing aids The Motion Nx is not a RITE, but it can be fit for mild to severe hearing losses.

Learn which Signia hearing aids and accessories are right for you!

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Signia Nx Hearing Aid

Signia's new Nx line is packed with sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology. The Nx offers the most natural sound and highest hearing performance, superior connectivity, and provides the longest audio streaming time in its class. [ more ]

Signia Pure Hearing Aid

Signia Pure behind-the-ear hearing aid is fully-featured and discreet. Moisture and water resistant with tinnitus relief. Connects to all your devices. [ more ]

Signia Motion Hearing Aid

Signia Motion® behind-the-ear hearing aid is the solution for virtually any ear, any age and any hearing loss. [ more ]

Signia Insio Hearing Aid

Signia Insio hearing aid is a customized hearing solution that offers clear and natural sound without that muffled effect. You'll probably forget that you're wearing it. [ more ]

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