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Widex UNIQUE Hearing Aid

The UNIQUE hearing aid is an upgrade in processing from the previous family of aids called Dream. Widex has, in the UNIQUE, an aid that has the widest range of sound in the industry. According to Widex, the aids range from 5 dbSPL (a very soft sound) up to 113 dbSPL (a loud sound) without distortion. This gives an incredible range of 108 dbSPL. What this means is that even in a noisy environment the loud sounds won’t be distorted, making speech easier to hear in a challenging listening situation.

The UNIQUE accomplishes this by, among other things 4 analog to digital convertors in the digital processor. In addition to a wide range of sound, the UNIQUE has several other aspects that have been improved:

Soft Level Noise Reduction: This reduces “bothersome soft noises” to provide the wearer with supreme sound quality.

Wind Noise Attenuation: According to Widex this is “the industry’s best noise reduction” in wind, something that certainly comes in handy during a day on the golf course.

Sound Class Technology: The processor in the UNIQUE hearing aid divides “listening environments into 9 distinct classes.” The aid is able to quickly assess the environment you are in and make the appropriate adjustments for noise, speech and other parameters. The result is “the optimum sound input to suit each individuals unique sound situation and hearing loss,” according to Widex.

The UNIQUE is available in both the custom products (where Dann Hearing makes impressions of your ears) to the Receiver-in-the-Ear (RITE) style. The RITE is a small device that fits behind the ear. The part behind your ear has a small thin wire attached to it, at the end of which is a receiver (or, as it is sometimes called, a speaker). The speaker fits inside the ear canal. Since it is so small, most of your ear canal is open, making your voice and other sounds more natural. The RITE style is usually recommended for mild to moderate high frequency losses.

There are different levels of technology in the Unique line of hearing aids.

Widex UNIQUE Models

Widex UNIQUE 440: The premium model of the Widex UNIQUE hearing aid is the 440 series. The 440 has up to five listening programs. The main program, a program for watching TV, for listening to music, reducing background noise more effectively, and more.. Widex UNIQUE 440 Hearing Aid.

Widex UNIQUE 330: The 330 has the same sound processing as the 440, but fewer programs to choose from. It has the InterEar Feedback manager, TruSound Softener, and Speech enhancer. In many ways the 330 is similar to the 440, and works well for most people. Widex UNIQUE 330 Hearing Aid.

Widex UNIQUE 220: The basic version of the Unique is the 220. The 220 has 3 listening programs, 5 channel analysis and processing, InterEar Feedback cancellation, noise reduction, and InterEar communication in most models. Widex UNIQUE 220 Hearing Aid.

Widex UNIQUE 110: The UNIQUE 110 is for those who want the least expensive aid Widex offers. The hearing aid has 2 programs and some limitations when it comes to fine tuning by your hearing professional. Widex UNIQUE 110 Hearing Aid.

There are some helpful new features in these hearing aids, one of which is SmartSpeak. SmartSpeak verbally tells you what hearing program you are using. All of the UNIQUE aids can have multiple programs to use in a variety of listening environments.

You simply push the button on the remote to get to the desired program. Instead of beeps to indicate which program is active, the SmartSpeak technology will audibly tell you. Also, when your battery is getting weak, it will say "battery low". The custom made products include a remote control at no charge. If you select the Receiver–In-The-Ear style (the style that fits behind the ear, with a speaker going into the ear), there is an extra charge for the remote control.

Widex UNIQUE hearing aids have many more interesting features. For a detailed comparison of each model and its features, visit or Contact Dann Hearing. It is always helpful to have an up-to-date test done, so if you would like to call us for an appointment, we would be happy to set one up for you.

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