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Widex RC-DEX

The Widex RC-DEX is designed for basic wireless remote control of the hearing aids.

If you are not interested in all the gadgetry, you can simplify things and still have a remote control to change programs.

The Widex RC-DEX allows you to change programs and adjust the volume on your Widex DREAM hearing aids, but can’t be used to pair with Bluetooth devices.

The RC-DEX is a stylish and user-friendly remote control that gives you control of hearing aid functions like volume and programs.

  • Intuitive in Use: Small enough to fit on a keychain, the RC-DEX is intelligently laid out with three simple keys. This means that you can quickly and easily start using it.
  • Feature Activation: As features are activated, verbal or tone cues let you know. An LED indicator on the remote control also shows when it is activated.

The Widex RC-DEX device is compatible with DREAM and SUPER hearing aids.

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