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Widex DREAM Hearing Aid

Widex has a new line of hearing aids called DREAM. The DREAM aids are an upgrade from the Clear family of hearing aids, which was the previous generation.

The Widex DREAM hearing aid offers "more words, more sound and is more personal."

More Words: What "more words" means is that the aid will be bringing up the areas of speech you need for your particular loss.

More Sound: "More sound" has to do with the range of sound (in volume) that the aid can process. The DREAM hearing aid has the most range as far as the loudest sounds go than any other aid. This results in more speech coming through to you without distortion.

More Personal: Finally, "more personal" is the website you get when you purchase a DREAM hearing aid. This website will be password protected and will contain, among other things, your hearing test results, instructional videos about your hearing aids, and other helpful features.

Widex DREAM Models

Widex DREAM440: The Widex DREAM440 is their premium model for those who demand the best. In even the most complex listening situations such as lively family dinners or shopping in a mall with friends and family, DREAM440 is the best choice. It’s best for helping to maximize speech understanding in noise. More about the Widex DREAM440 Hearing Aid.

Widex DREAM330: If you expect a high level of performance from your hearing aids, then Widex DREAM330 is for you. It offers specific features for locating and focusing on specific sound sources from the front or back. And, it makes complex outdoor listening situations with lots of high-pitched noise more comfortable. More about the Widex DREAM330 Hearing Aid.

Widex DREAM220: Widex DREAM220 offers ideal performance not just in one-on-one situations, but also in more complex listening environments like theatres and lectures as well as watching TV or listening to music at home. More about the Widex DREAM220 Hearing Aid.

Widex DREAM110: Widex DREAM110 provides excellent value and sound quality. If you need hearing aids that perform well in listening situations such as one-on-one conversations or talking on the phone, then DREAM110 is a great choice. More about the Widex DREAM110 Hearing Aid.

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