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Signia's latest hearing aids use a new way of processing and programming. It is called Binax, and according to Signia is “clinically proven by two independent studies to give hearing aid wearers better speech recognition in cocktail party situations than people with normal hearing.”

The binax processing platform builds upon the e2e (for ear to ear) wireless communication between hearing aids that Signia developed in 2004. Signia (formerly Siemens) was the first company to use this way of having two hearing aids work together to get the best hearing ability in a variety of listening environments. Signia's new e2e 3.0 works well because each aid has two microphones, so 4 microphones altogether, to process sound in real time. Signia says the binax processing with 4 microphones allow for users to have High Definition Sound Resolution (HDSR), which will emulate the “benefits of natural binaural hearing: better clarity, richer sound and exceptional speech recognition.”

There are three parts to the Binax processing: smartSound, smartAdapt, and smartConnect.

There are some other benefits to the Binax processing, such as:

Narrow Directionality: This when the two aids focus on the person in front of you. This is very effective in hearing one person, but is not so good when there are multiple conversations. You have to concentrate on the person you are trying to hear and look directly at them.

Spatial Speech Focus: When conversations are going on around you, the aids will automatically focus on the dominant speech source, no matter which direction it is coming from. This is part of the smartAdapt aspect of the binax processing. Noise reduction processing is also activated at this time.

eWindscreen Binaural: When it is windy, hearing conversations can be especially difficult. With eWindscreen Binaural the aids will stream audio from the aid with better sound quality to the other one, resulting in better speech comprehension in noise.

The premium level is the 7bx. This aid has a rocker switch that can be programmed either as a volume control or a program changer, or both. Usually people are fit with an aid in each ear. This enables one aid’s switch to be used as a volume control and another to change programs. Programs are used to give the hearing aid wearer more options in different listening environments. For example, you would have a main program to hear in most listening environments, and perhaps another to reduce noise or listen to music.

The 7 bx has, in addition to the helpful processing features mentioned above, several other aspects that are useful, such as:

Extended Bandwidth: The frequency response of the 7bx goes all the way out to 12000 Hz. This allows for more speech information and better sound quality. In addition, the 7 bx has High Resolution Speech Focus.

Sound Smoothing - This helps when there are sudden high frequency sounds, such as dishes clattering, without sacrificing certain areas of speech. So, it will compress those sounds immediately without reducing the speech you want to hear. According to Signia, the effectiveness of SoundSmoothing is improved because of the superior frequency resolution offered by 48 channels.

The midlevel version of the Binax line is 5 bx. It has many of the same features as the 7 bx, except for the extended bandwidth (it goes out to 8000 Hz. instead of 120000 Hz.). It also doesn’t have Directional Speech Enhancement and has 32 frequency channels instead of 48. However, it is an excellent hearing aid and is almost like the 7 bx, but less expensive.

The basic version of the binax is the 3bx. This is similar to the 5bx, but with less bandwidth and fewer extra programs to choose from.

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