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Oticon Nera2 Pro Hearing Aid

For those who want a more mid-level (instead of premium, like the Alta2 Pro) hearing aid, Oticon offers the Nera2 Pro.

The Nera2 Pro hearing aid has up to 3 programs, as well as Speech Guard E, Spatial Sound Premium, and the Inium Feedback Shield. The frequency response goes out to 8 kHz., which is slightly less than the 10 kHz. of the Alta2 Pro.

The Nera2 Pro is a great alternative to the Alta2 Pro, with just a few less features than the premium aid.

As always, the Nera2 Pro comes in all styles, from custom made products to open fit devices.

RITE and BTE Style Options

Oticon's newest generation of receiver-in-the-ear fittings improve sound quality and listening comfort and set a new standard in performance, physical fit and reliability.

Custom Style Options

Photos and illustrations courtesy of Oticon.

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