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Oticon Intiga Hearing Aid

For first time hearing aid users (or previous users who want a smaller and easier to handle hearing aid), Oticon offers the Intiga line of hearing aids. The Intiga has a streamlined design for the part that fits behind your ear, and a slightly curved speaker that goes in easier for certain ear canal shapes.

The Intiga is also available in different levels of technology - the Premium (Intiga 10), a Mid-Level (Intiga 7) and the Basic (Intiga 5).

There is no push button like the other open fit hearing aids from Oticon, so if you want to change programs or adjust the volume, you will need a Streamer Pro. Of course, with the Streamer Pro you can pair the Intiga to different Bluetooth devices, such as a cell phone.

A custom made version of the Intiga is now available, called the Intigai. The Intigai is an ultra-small aid that fits deep in the ear canal. This allows it to be virtually invisible. The aid has the same processor as the Intiga Receiver-in-the-Ear, which means it has some of those nice features such as Speech Guard E, for better discrimination of words. However, because the custom hearing aid is so small, it is not compatible with the Bluetooth devices.

Intiga Comes in a Variety of Cool Colors

Photos and illustrations courtesy of Oticon.

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