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Widex is one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of hearing aids, helping millions of hearing-impaired people of all ages throughout the world.

Their uncompromising approach to innovation has led to such advances as the world’s first fully digital in-the-ear hearing aid, as well as their own revolutionary wireless technology.

Widex concentrates just as much on design of hearing aids as on technology to create a near-natural hearing experience. Not only do they help people hear better, they create hearing aids that are comfortable and easy to wear.

Which Widex hearing aids and accessories are right for you?

In addition to those featured below, Widex has more hearing aids and accessories available. If you would like more information about the company or their products, browse the links below, Contact Dann Hearing or visit We will be happy to talk with you and send you some information.

Widex MOMENT Hearing Aid

Widex has introduced a new hearing aid, called the Moment. The Moment builds upon the success of their previous aid, the Evoke, and improves the sound quality and speech recognition using a new digital processor.  The part of the processing that is most unique is one that sets the Widex Moment apart from other aids is called Zero Delay ... [ more ]

Widex EVOKE Hearing Aid

Widex has introduced a new digital hearing aid, the EVOKE™, that works seamlessly with the Apple iPhone. The EVOKE builds upon the success of the previous version, the BEYOND. [ more ]

Widex BEYOND Hearing Aid

Widex BEYOND™ uses the Unique processor and is designed to work directly with the Apple iPhone. In addition, it has a great app that lets you make a number of adjustments to your devices. [ more ]

Widex UNIQUE Hearing Aid

Widex UNIQUE hearing aids offer the widest range of sound in the industry.  Even in the most challenging listening situations, loud sounds aren't distorted, making speech easier to hear. [ more ]

Widex PASSION Hearing Aid

Passion, one of the world's smallest hearing aids to sit behind the ear, proves that advanced technology can also look good. Ultra-small, incredibly comfortable to wear, stylish and discreet - Passion is all the above. [ more ]

Widex DEX Hearing Aid Accessories

With the DEX™ assistive listening devices from Widex it becomes easy for you to communicate with your phone, television, remote control, and other external audio devices. [ more ]

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