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Tinnitus Sound Support

Oticon hearing aids now have a way of trying helping those with tinnitus. We use the word “try’ because there are no guarantees the Tinnitus Sound Support will be successful. However, it has helped a lot of people not notice their tinnitus as much as before.

What the Tinnitus Sound support Tool does is help the patient manage their tinnitus by listening to different sounds to try and mask the sound they are hearing. The choices of sounds are:

Ocean Sounds: Sounds that mimic the rhythm of the ocean have a broad frequency spectrum and are dynamic. There are three different ocean sounds to choose from, depending on your preference.

Shaped to Audiogram: Sometimes there is a need to shape the frequency response of the sound used to mask the tinnitus to be similar to what you are hearing in your ears. We can make the pitch higher or lower and change other aspects to try to personalize the tinnitus masking sound for you.

Modulation of Sounds: Sometimes having the tinnitus relief sound modulated is more effective for some people than having a steady level of volume.

Separate Volume Control: The client can adjust the volume of the tinnitus relief sound to their liking, either in one ear or both.

Tinnitus App: Available in the iTunes store, the app lets the client have more control of the relief sounds, as well as access to their music library. Sometimes playing their favorite music allows some people to notice their tinnitus less. To use the app you must have a Streamer Pro.

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