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Oticon More™ Hearing Aid

Oticon has expanded on the success of their OPN hearing aids with their introduction of the More™ line of hearing devices.  The More has Oticon’s most advanced processor and uses Artificial Intelligence to have the best hearing possible in a variety of different listening environments.

The heart of the digital processor utilizes what is called a Deep Neural Network (DNN).  This Deep Neural Network was trained with 12 million different sound scenes, which should cover just about all the listening situations you would be in.  When you are in a certain hearing environment the Artificial Intelligence aspect of the DNN will help your brain “seamlessly handle virtually all sound scenes” according to Oticon.

The engine that runs the Deep Neural Network is called Polaris.  Compared to the previous processor (the Velox) from Oticon, the Polaris:

  • Delivers 30 % more sound to the brain
  • Increases speech understanding by 15%
  • Reduces listening effort so you hear more of what is being said.

This video gives a good explanation of what the Deep Neural Network is:



The Oticon More™ will give you all the processing power you would ever need.  This video gives a great overview of the Oticon More™:


The More™ comes is what is known as Receiver in the Ear (RITE) type.  This is a small device that fits behind the ear.  It has a thin, nearly invisible wire that goes from the aid into the ear canal.  A small receiver (or speaker) fits at the end of the wire.  The RITE is popular because of its invisibility, comfort and performance.

The More™ comes in three levels of technology.  The premium is the More™ 1.  This gives the most processing compared to the other More aids, especially in background noise situations.  The More™ 1 has 4 different programs that can be put into the aid.  The first is the main program, which is effective in most listening environments, even noise.  Other programs that can be added is one for listening to music, going to a lecture, as well as several others.

The midlevel model is the More™ 2 and the basic is the More 3.  All can have up to four programs and will work the same with the app.  The main differences in the models is the amount of sound processing that the aids do and the fine tuning adjustments the hearing care professional can do.

The More™ also has a version with what is called a T-coil (which stands for telephone coil).  The T-coil is a part of the hearing aid that can pick up the magnetic field of a regular telephone.  By being able to do this, a person could answer the phone and put the receiver up to the aid and the t-coil would pick up the magnetic field of the phone so you could hear the conversation more clearly.  The t-coil could also be used in venues, such as theaters or lecture halls, that has what is called a Loop system.  The Loop system is used so that a person with a t-coil in their aids would activate the T-coil by pushing a button on the aid.  The voices from the actors on the stage or the lecturer would be heard directly into the aids, giving you much better understanding of the speech than using just the microphones of the aids themselves.

The More™ also has the ability to connect to your smartphone.  If you have an I-Phone you can get calls directly into your hearing aids.  You just answer the phone normally and you will be able to hear the conversation clearly.   The More can also connect to select Android phones.

There is also an app that is used for the More™ aids.  With the app you can change the volume of the aids, select the program you want to use (the main program, music listening, etc.), and also stream music or other media that you might have on your phone.  When you stream music or, for example, audiobooks, you can change how the frequencies sound by an equalizer that is available on the app.  If, say, the music needs more bass you can change that with the equalizer, or if you want more clarity when listening to an audiobook you might want to increase the treble.  There are many configurations that can be done with the equalizer.

The More™ is also rechargeable, which is a very convenient feature that most of our clients love.  When you are done wearing the aids, you just put them in the charger and take them out when you need them.  It usually takes 3 hours for a full charge.  The More can go for a full day without needing to be recharged.  This certainly saves on batteries as well as the hassle of putting small batteries in a hearing aid.

There are also some extra devices that can connect to the More™. One is for watching TV. You would just plug the TV connector into your TV, and when you turn the TV on the sound will stream to the aids(after you tap on the TV icon in the Oticon app.) Other people in the room can hear the TV at the level they like and you can adjust the volume level of the TV to the aids with your app.

If you would like more detailed information about the More™ or other Oticon products just go to or call Chris at the Dann Hearing Center: 203-866-3838. We hope to see you soon.

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