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Oticon Chili Hearing Aid

The Power Hearing Aid

There is also another aid from Oticon called the Chili. It is a Behind-the Ear aid that packs a lot of power in a small package, and is designed for those with severe to profound hearing loss. Some of the features of this new aid include Speech Guard E, the use of the Rise 2 digital processor, dual microphones, and coating of the internal circuits to lessen the effects of moisture that may get into the hearing aid.

In addition, the Chili can use the Streamer Pro to connect to Bluetooth enabled devices, such as cell phones. With the Streamer Pro, the user of the Chili can take advantage of Oticon’s Connect Line products for listening to the TV or using a land line phone.

Oticon has also developed a special rationale to use with the Chili aid. It is called Dynamic Speech Enhancement (DSEsp) and is designed to use Speech Guard E as well as a wider bandwidth of frequencies. This will, according to Oticon, preserve “the speech cues and utilizing more of the users residual dynamic range” and making “the signal far more useful for the listener”

Chili comes in three levels of technology. There is the Basic (the SP5), the midlevel (the SP7) and the Premium (the SP9). Obviously the Premium level has the most features, but many people with a severe hearing loss would also do well with the basic or midlevel aid.

Photos and illustrations courtesy of Oticon.

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