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Oticon Alta2 Pro Hearing Aid

The Alta2 Pro is the premium model from Oticon. It incorporates their best features with regard to digital sound processing.

Oticon Alta2 Hearing Aid Models

There are three special technologies used in Oticon's Inium chip in the Alta2 Pro. They are: Speech Guard E, Spatial Sound Premium, and the Inium Feedback Shield. The frequency response also goes out as far as 10 kHz., which helps improve speech understanding.

Most of these features mentioned, such as the Spatial Sound Premium and Free Focus, work when you are wearing an aid in each ear. Since the brain hears best with two ears, it is usually more effective to wear two hearing aids, if the hearing evaluation indicates it.

The Alta2 Pro is available in all styles, from custom made products such as a small Completely-in-Canal aid to an In-the-Ear aid. There are also Receiver-in-the-Ear devices, which are otherwise known as “open fit” aids.

The open fit device is a small Behind-the-Ear aid that has a thin wire attached to it. At the end of the wire is the receiver, or speaker. The receiver fits in the top part of the ear canal, leaving most of the ear open. This is better for mild to moderate high frequency hearing losses. Open fit aids have become increasingly popular because of their cosmetic appeal and natural sound quality.

RITE and BTE Style Options

Oticon's newest generation of receiver-in-the-ear fittings improve sound quality and listening comfort and set a new standard in performance, physical fit and reliability.

Custom Style Options

The Alta2 Pro also has a push button on it to change to different programs. The main program would be for most listening situations you might be in. However, one way of hearing might not work in every environment. In that case, you have other programs that would have a different frequency response that may be more successful, and, hopefully, let you hear better than in the main program. In addition to being able to change programs on the aids, you can also adjust the volume (if you are wearing one on each ear). The aids can be programmed so that when you briefly push the button on the right aid, the volume goes up in both. Conversely, if you push the button on the left aid, the volume lowers.

Photos and illustrations courtesy of Oticon.

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