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Other Products

Dann Hearing offers a variety of other products. Below are just a few.

Swim Molds

If you want custom made swim molds (that will also float if they come out of your ear by accident), we can make the impressions and order a set for you.

Noise Plugs

These are also custom fitted. They are useful if you use guns for hunting or target practice and also nice for the spouse or significant other who doesn't want to hear snoring all the time from their partner.

Musicians Earplugs

These are fitted to the individual and have two different filters to lower the volume level but not change the frequency response. This way the musician gets a clear, but softer, sound.

Personal FM Systems

Sometimes even the best hearing aids have difficulty performing in very noisy environments. With a personal FM system, a client who has a hearing aid that has what is called a "t-coil" in the aid (usually one of the programs in a multi-memory aid) can use the FM system to just hear the people (or one person) at the table and greatly reduce the surrounding noise. It is also useful in one-to-one conversations.

Batteries, Phones and More

Other products that we offer are batteries from Rayovac and Duracell, Dri-aid kits (to keep moisture from building up in the hearing aids), amplified phones, and many more items. Please call us at (203) 866-3838 for more information or use our Contact Us form.

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