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Widex ZEN2GO Tinnitus Management

Tired of being told there is nothing you can do about tinnitus? Well, Widex has a solution.

ZEN2GO is a new tinnitus management device that plays random, soothing harmonic tones called ZEN. Placed in the ear, it is designed to help you relax and reduce stress – both of which help with tinnitus.

Sometimes there are noises in your ears that sound like buzzing or whistling. This can be annoying and sometimes interfere with daily activities and work. The noise is called tinnitus, and there is no known cure medically.

The ZEN2GO device is designed to let you hear relaxing sounds in the background (usually music, but some people prefer just “white noise”). The music, however, is not certain songs you may hear on the radio. What the ZEN2GO device does is to have these tones be randomly generated in the background. The purpose of this is to make you feel more relaxed, which in turn may relieve the tinnitus. It has sometimes shown that tension can increase tinnitus.

Your Dann Hearing Center professional will let you listen to certain kinds of tones (some at different speeds and pitches), to see which is the most effective in managing your tinnitus. These tones have different names, such as Aqua, Coral, Green, and Lavender, among others. The important thing is to choose the one that seems to work the best for you. There are no guarantees of success (it does take a while to evaluate different programs), but our experience at Dann Hearing has been that the ZEN2GO device seems to work for most users.

Experience the Zen tones in the Widex Zen simulator.

ZEN2GO comes in one box that contains everything you need:

  • A pair of ZEN2GO devices
  • A matched RC-DEX
  • User instructions for ZEN2GO and RC-DEX
  • Cleaning tools and extra ear-tips

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