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Widex BEYOND Hearing Aid

Widex BEYOND™ uses the Unique processor and is designed to work directly with the Apple iPhone. In addition, it has a great app that lets you do a number of adjustments to your devices.

The BEYOND™ is a Receiver-in-the-Ear (or RITE). This is a small aid that fits behind the ear. There is a thin, nearly invisible wire that goes from the aid to a speaker that fits into the top portion of your ear canal. This leaves the ear open so that you don’t feel “plugged up” when wearing the aid, which may occur if you tried a custom instrument.

What is great about the BEYOND™ is that if you have an iPhone (version 5 or greater) you can pair it with your phone to answer calls. The sound is streamed to both aids (if you have two) so that you will hear the conversation more clearly than listening with just one ear. In addition, there is an app that you can use. The app will let you change programs as well as adjust the volume and frequency response of the aid.

There are other great features on the app that will be useful to you. For example, you can change the direction of where you want to hear. If you are driving and you want to hear someone in the back seat, you can use the app to focus the sound behind you. Of course, it would probably be better to do this before you start driving! Also, if you are streaming phone calls or music to your aids and are in a noisy environment, you can increase the volume of the streaming and decrease what the microphones of the hearing aids pick up. This lets you hear more streaming and less environmental noise.

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