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ReSound Links Quattro

Resound has introduced their latest technology in hearing aids called the Links Quattro.  The Quattro builds upon and enhances the terrific features that were in the previous model, the Links 2.

The Links Quattro digital processor, in comparison to the previous Resound aid, has:

  • Twice the memory
  • 100 % more speed
  • 20% reduced power consumption for longer battery life.
  • Extended dynamic range and improved frequency response.

The Quattro comes in a variety of styles.  Probably the most popular is what is known as the Receiver-in-the-Ear (or RITE) device.  The RITE is an aid that fits behind the ear.  There is a thin, nearly invisible wire that goes from the aid and into the ear canal.  At the end of the wire is a receiver (or speaker) which delivers the processed sound into the ear.  These aids are popular because they are practically invisible and give a more natural sound than some custom hearing aids do.

The Resound 3D comes in three levels of technology.  The Premium is the 9.  The 9 series will give you 4 program and more adjustments that the hearing professional can do for you.  The 7 is the midlevel and the 5 is the basic.  All use the same processor and all have 4 programs.  The biggest difference between them is the amount of adjustments that can be made in each aid and more success in noise when using the premium device.

The Quattro is also available in custom aids.  Custom hearing devices are made for each person individually.  An impression is taken of the ear and from that mold the manufacturer makes a hearing aid.  Custom aids are used when someone doesn’t want anything behind the ear or maybe something easier to put in the ear.  Not all of the custom models will have all the Quattro features, such as the ability to stream phone calls and music to your aids.  It has to do with space limitations and putting the Bluetooth connection in (which is easier in the behind the ear device), but Resound has been able to make some very small devices and still have the Quattro streaming features..

When we talk about streaming, it is the ability to get phone calls directly from you r phoneAnother big breakthrough with the Resound  3D is the ability of the hearing professional to make adjustments remotely.  This is helpful to the patient who, because of distance, a busy schedule or physical limitations, is unable to come to the office.  With the Resound 3D, and the new app, the patient contacts the hearing care professional via a secure website connection.  The patient indicates what they want adjusted (more volume, more bass, etc.). The adjustments are made and sent by the hearing care professional to the smartphone of the patient.  The patient places the aids next to the phone and the adjustments are downloaded into the aids from the phone.

The app that is used to make adjustments on the 3D aids is a different design than the previous app.  It has many of the same features, such as the ability to adjust volume, change programs, etc.  One of the more useful is the equalizer has more than bass and treble.  You can now adjust the mid frequencies, which might be sueful in some listening situations. This gives another level of fine tuning ability for the patient.

There are other new aspects of the app and the aids that have not been mentioned here.  If you would like more details, just go to or call Chris at the Dann Hearing Center,  The number is 203-866-3838/

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