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ReSound LiNX 2

The premium level device is the LiNX2 9. All hearing aids in the LiNX2 family are Reciever-in-Canal (RIC) hearing aids. The RIC is a small aid that fits behind the ear. There is a thin, almost invisible wire that goes from the aid and into the ear canal. There is a small receiver (sometimes called a speaker) at the end of the wire that delivers the processed sound into the ear canal. With different power levels of speakers, almost any hearing loss can be fit.

The LiNX2 9 has up to four listening programs. Programs are different ways to hear in other listening environments than when it is quiet. For example, you could have a Restaurant program to be more aggressive in reducing background noise in case the main program isn’t working. Or you could have a specific program for listening to music. The main program is probably good in most listening situations, but it won’t be effective everywhere, so that is why it is good to have some options.

Features of the LiNX2 9 Hearing Aid

Binaural Directionality: This is when the aid chooses which way of hearing is best. When it is quiet, the aids will be in omnidirectional mode (where you hear sounds all around you). When there is noise, both aids will either be all directional (hearing mostly in front of you) or a combination of one aid being directional and one in omnidirectional. This last mode is something ReSound feels is the most effective way of hearing speech in noise.

DFS Ultra II: ReSound’s improved feedback manager to eliminate whistling and get the most gain possible where you need it (mostly in the mid and high frequencies). ReSound says that “better precision and scaling optimizes the systems performance and allows the adaptive filter to cancel feedback more accurately than was previously possible.”

iSolate nanotech: This is a protective coating inside and out that greatly reduces the chances of damage to the hearing aid by moisture or dust. This will make for fewer repairs over the life of the aid, and result in increased durability of the hearing instrument.

Sound Shaper: This is a frequency compression method that helps those with a severe high frequency hearing loss. Sometimes amplification alone won’t be adequate to bring up the higher frequencies, such as those above 2000 Hz. Sound Shaper, according to ReSound, “improves the audibility of speech cues that would otherwise be lost, while maintaining the best sound quality possible.” In other words, it puts the frequencies that you can’t hear into the regions that you can, while being less distorted.

There are a few other features of the LiNX2 9 that are helpful, such as the WindGuard to reduce wind noise, and NoiseTracker II to suppress (though not eliminate) background noise. There are also other features unique to the LiNX2 9, but it probably has everything you would want in an aid.

Sometimes, though, you don’t need every possible way of processing sound. That is where the LiNX2 7 might be more suited to your needs. The LiNX2 7 is the mid-level device. It has most of the features of the LiNX2 9 and has the same number of programs (4). There is a button on each aid to change the programs, or a remote control can be used (or the iPhone if you have the ReSound Smart app. See below).

The basic version of the LiNX2 family is the LiNX2 5. It still has 4 programs and the same processor, but a few less features.

Wireless Connectivity

ReSound LiNX2 connects wirelessly to the full range of ReSound Unite™ accessories, so you can stay connected in even more situations.

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