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ReSound ENZO Hearing Aid

ReSound has a new Power aid that fits behind the ear. The aid is called the ENZO™ and is used with a custom made earmold that is attached to the aid with a small tube. This is similar to the Receiver-In-Canal (RIC), but it doesn’t use a wire. The aid is used to fit severe to profound hearing losses that can’t be helped with a RIC aid.

The ENZO also can be connected to an iPhone directly and changes can be made using the ReSound Smart app. If you don’t want to use your iPhone you can have a remote control to adjust the volume and change programs. There are three different levels of ENZO.

Models and Styles

ReSound ENZO is not only the world’s most powerful super power hearing aid, it's the smallest.

ReSound ENZO is available in ten different colors.

Wireless Connectivity

ReSound ENZO connects wirelessly to the full range of ReSound Unite™ accessories, so you can stay connected in even more situations.

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