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At Oticon, their goal is to make hearing aids that work together and work like the brain does. The reason is that we hear with our brain - even though the sound is transferred from the outer ear to the middle ear and through the inner ear, the brain is where speech understanding and comprehension happens. To achieve this goal of, as Oticon calls it, "BrainHearing", there is a newer, faster processor - the Inium - for their latest line of hearing aids.

The Inium is a quad core processor, which is the most powerful processor of any hearing aid on the market. The Inium allows the hearing aids to communicate with each other better than before, which helps utilize the different aspects of the hearing aid that Oticon wants to use.

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Learn more about the different models and features of Oticon hearing aids.

Oticon Opn S™ Hearing Aid

Oticon has expanded on their success with the OPN line of hearing aids. The new devices are the OPN S. The OPN S has a new processor that promises to help you better understand speech in background noise as well as one-to-one conversation. The heart of the digital processor utilizes the Velox S platform. According to Oticon, there is more computing power in the Velox S than the previous OPN aids ... [ more ]

Oticon Alta2 Pro Hearing Aid

The Alta2 Pro is the premium model from Oticon. It incorporates their best features with regard to digital sound processing. The Oticon Alta works in harmony with your brain, automatically adjusting and optimizing sound. [ more ]

Oticon Nera2 Pro Hearing Aid

Oticon's Nera2 Pro is a great alternative to the Alta2 Pro. The Nera2 Pro is an advanced mid-level hearing aid (instead of premium, like the Alta2 Pro), with fewer features. Nera2 automatically adapts to the way you like to hear. [ more ]

Oticon Ria2 Pro Hearing Aid

Oticon's most basic hearing aid is the Ria2 Pro. The Ria2 Pro has up to 3 programs, but has fewer adjustments for your hearing aid professional to customize.  Ria2 Pro provides all the essentials you need for better hearing – at an affordable price. [ more ]

Oticon Intiga Hearing Aid

For first time hearing aid users (or those who want a smaller and easier to handle hearing aid), Oticon offers the Intiga line of hearing aids. The Intiga has a streamlined design for the part that fits behind your ear, and a slightly curved speaker that goes in easier for certain ear canal shapes. [ more ]

Oticon Chili Hearing Aid

Oticon's Chili hearing aid is a Behind-the Ear aid that packs a lot of power in a small package.  It is designed for those with severe to profound hearing loss. [ more ]

Accessories: Enhancing the Hearing Aid Options

Oticon wearers can experience a new level of convenience and discreetness when using Oticon's accessories.  These accessories have been designed to enhance Oticon's catalog of hearing aids by providing connectivity to Bluetooth-enabled devices. [ more ]

Tinnitus Sound Support

Oticon hearing aids now have a way of trying helping those with tinnitus - that ringing and buzzing in your ears that won't stop. Oticon's Tinnitus Sound Support has provided many people with relief from the annoyance of tinnitus. [ more ]

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