How to Get the Most from Your Hearing Aid Batteries

Batteries are vital to hearing aid wear!

by Debbie Clason for Healthy Hearing

July 18, 2017 - They help you hear your loved ones more clearly, alert you to emergency sirens and other safety signals, and enhance outings to the movies and theater. Aside from the technology, the most amazing things about your new hearing aids may be the batteries that power them. Do you know how to maximize their effectiveness?

Handling Batteries

If you’ve lived long enough, you may remember a time before miniature batteries were commonplace -- where people wound their wrist watches every day. Even though there are rechargeable options for select hearing aids today, the majority of the devices sold today run on conventional batteries. Battery technology has evolved from the ones that powered our boom boxes and portable radios, but it’s still important to handle them with care -- especially those button batteries which keep our hearing aids working at maximum power.

Storing Batteries

Hearing aid batteries can last anywhere from three to 20 days, depending on their size and the power level of your hearing aids. If you’re like most hearing aid users, you have an extra pack or two on hand. But what’s the best way to store them? Here are a few tips.

Prolonging Battery Life

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your hearing aid batteries fail in the middle of an important event. Use these suggestions to ensure your aids are always operating at full power:


Now that you have hearing aids, don’t let weak batteries minimize their effectiveness. Wear your hearing devices every day to maximize the physical and emotional health benefits they provide. See your hearing healthcare professional if you notice any changes in your hearing, the way your hearing aids are functioning, or just need some help with your hearing aid batteries or operation. Working together, you’ll be hearing your best for years to come.

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