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Signia easyTek Hearing Aid Remote

Like the miniTek, the easyTek is a small remote that is worn around the neck. It is able to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and can be paired up to several different Bluetooth enabled devices.

You can stream audio from your phone, as well as use the new app available. The app allows you to change programs, adjust volume, and most importantly, to change the directional beam for hearing conversation more effectively in noise.

For example, if you are wearing the easyTek in a restaurant, you can use the Spatial Configurator on the app to have either a very focused sound in front of you to hear one person, or a wider beam to hear a few people in front of you.

The easyTek has a more high tech look to it than the miniTek, and is only able to be used with the aids that have the binax processing.

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