Phonak Speech in Loud Noise Technology

Using Stereo Zoom, the aids will have a very narrow, focused listening area. This is used when you want to hear just one person when there is a diffuse listening environment. When the aids are in Stereo Zoom, the person they are talking to will be easier to hear, since the surrounding noise is being suppressed (though not, of course, eliminated). This whole process is done using an aid on each ear, with each aid having two microphones. This will not work if there is just one aid being worn.

What happens, according to Phonak, is that Stereo Zoom uses "exclusive wireless full bandwidth audio streaming and sophisticated processing technologies to create a bi-directional network of four microphones" Phonak states that Stereo Zoom will increase signal-to-noise ratio by 3db. Signal to Noise ratio means that the person's speech you are trying to hear will be 3 decibels (give or take a decibel, depending on the noise and acoustic parameters of the environment) above the noise. This will let you hear and understand more words of the conversation in a noisy environment. In the V 90 the Stereo Zoom is automatic so that you don't have to push a button to access the program. In the model below the V 90 (the V 70) the Stereo Zoom is not automatic.

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