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Oticon Ria2 Pro Hearing Aid

Oticon's most basic aid available is the Ria2 Pro.

The Ria2 Pro has up to 3 programs, but has fewer adjustments that the hearing aid professional can do. It has the Inium Sense processor that the more advanced aids have, and is a good alternative for those who want great quality in a hearing aid but don't want to invest in more expensive aids.

Ria comes in a wide range of behind-the-ear and RITE styles – with a color palette to suit your individual taste, whether you prefer your hearing aid to blend in or stand out from the crowd. And with Oticon's expanded in-the-ear style range, you also have the option of a comfortable premium solution fitted to hide discreetly inside your ears. There’s even a model that fits deep in your ear canal where it’s completely invisible.

RITE and BTE Style Options

Oticon's newest generation of receiver-in-the-ear fittings improve sound quality and listening comfort and set a new standard in performance, physical fit and reliability.

Custom Style Options

Photos and illustrations courtesy of Oticon.

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